Cablevision to Pursue Tcommerce "Vigorously"

In an interview with Steve Donohue of Cable Digital News, David Kline, president and COO of MSO Cablevision's Rainbow Advertising Sales unit, has stressed the importance of tcommerce to the MSO, confirming that it plans to roll out tcommerce capabilities next year. "We're going to pursue it vigorously," Kline said. "Being able to buy things off the TV is as much a consumer product as it is an advertising product. You're going to see a lot more of it." Kline did not, however, elaborate on how Cablevision plans to fulfill orders generated by its planned tcommerce service.

Cablevision initially announced its plans to launch tcommerce capabilities back in September (see the article published on, September 16th): the capabilities will be part of Optimum Select, a new interactive TV advertising service from the MSO that presents viewers with a "select button overlay" which appears at the bottom of the TV screen during a commercial and which currently invites them to press the "SEL" button on the remote control for more information on an advertised product. (Note: Once the viewer presses "SEL," the current program is shifted to the top-right corner of the screen to allow continued viewing, and the viewer is then presented with several possible options, including receiving a free sample of, a coupon for, or additional information on the advertised product. Then, when the viewer presses "submit," the sample, coupon or product information is mailed to their home, using the address that corresponds with their account.) According to Rainbow Advertising Sales' Kline, the service--which has been used by such brands as Unilever, Gillette, Century 21 (the retailer, not the real estate company) and Benjamin Moore--is already resulting in larger media buys: "I will tell you they buy a lot more advertising from us, and that's how it's monetized," he told Donohue. "We get paid not only for our lead generation, but also for the awareness advertising."

A demo video of Optimum Select is embedded above.

In other advertising-related news: In a posting on a corporate blog, Google announced Monday that A&E Television Networks has become the latest inventory partner for its Google TV Ads service.


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