HDlogix Demo's 2D-to-3D Conversion Technology before 80,000 Football Fans at Cowboys Stadium

Imaging and video technology specialist, HDlogix (note: the company's main product lines are ImageIQ, a suite of image and video optimization and enhancement technologies; Clique, a set of mobile and desktop video communications client software applications; and Hue, a range of HD Web cameras), contacted [itvt] Monday to let us know that it powered what it says was the first live 3D broadcast ever to be shown on giant screens at a major sporting event--during last Sunday's football game at Cowboys Stadium between the Dallas Cowboys and the San Diego Chargers, which was attended by 80,000 fans who were given 3D glasses upon entering the stadium. Beginning with the game's second-half kickoff, the company says, the stadium's center-hung giant display was converted from high-definition 2D, allowing fans to view both live action and instant replays in 3D.

The Cowboys Stadium display is 160 feet long by 72 feet high (it is billed as the largest video board installation in the world), and is designed to be visible throughout the stadium. According to HDlogix, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month, it will launch a small-screen implementation of the real-time 2D-to-3D conversion technology that powered its 3D demo on the stadium display: dubbed ImageIQ 3D, the technology is billed as "enabl[ing] for the first time real-time conversion of any HDTV signal to 3D on any 3D-ready display." "The HDlogix 3D technology experienced by the Dallas Cowboys fans today at Cowboys Stadium will soon be enjoyed by television viewers around the world," HDlogix president and CEO, Jim Spinella, said in a prepared statement. "Our new ImageIQ 3D technology will make it possible for anyone to enjoy 3D video of sporting events, feature movies and television shows whether they were produced in 3D or not. We believe it is the next significant evolution in television viewing."

(Note: According to a report from local news station, KDAF-TV, the Cowboy Stadium demo received mixed reviews from fans. This was apparently not because of any deficiencies in the technology, but because fans saw it as a distraction from the game and, in many cases, didn't want to wear 3D glasses.)

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