Sonic Solutions to Launch Version 2.0 of Roxio CinemaNow at CES

--Incorporates Support for HD, 3D, Enhanced Storefronts, and Blu-ray-Style Interactivity

Sonic Solutions, the digital media company that in 2008 acquired the pioneering broadband VOD service/platform, CinemaNow (it subsequently added "Roxio" to the service's name in order to make its branding consistent with its other products), announced Monday that it is launching version 2.0 of Roxio CinemaNow at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. According to the company, the new version, which it will be demo'ing by invitation in the Renaissance Hotel's Chairman Room, offers new HD and 3D capabilities and various interactive capabilities. Among other customers, Roxio CinemaNow powers broadband video/OTT services from Blockbuster and Best Buy. "Our goal over the last year was to establish our digital delivery platform on leading consumer electronic devices and with major retailers," Mark Ely, Sonic's EVP of strategy, said in a prepared statement. "Having achieved that goal, our plan for 2010 is to further advance the Roxio CinemaNow entertainment platform and enable our partners to deliver an exceptional user experience through rich interactivity, and amazing high-definition video and audio quality."

Sonic bills Roxio CinemaNow 2.0 as enabling consumer electronics companies to easily establish digital storefronts on their connected devices, branded by leading retailers. New capabilities offered by the platform, according to the company, include:

  • An enhanced storefront: the company says that the CinemaNow storefront service has been expanded to include contextual links from each movie to additional content from that movie's studio, director, writers and actors; it also includes instant movie previews and trailers, the company says, as well as recommendations.
  • HD content: the company says that CinemaNow now supports both downloaded and streamed HD content in resolutions up to 1080p at high bit rates.
  • 3D support: the company says that CinemaNow 2.0 incorporates support for the forthcoming digital delivery of 3D content both on PC's and on CE devices.
  • Interactive content: the company says that CinemaNow 2.0 enables content owners to deliver movies with the kind of interactivity currently available on Blu-ray disc, including multiple chapter points with pop-up menus, multiple audio streams, subtitles and special features.

Sonic claims that CinemaNow 2.0 is compatible with a wide range of connected TV's, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes, and will also be featured on PC and mobile devices. The PC client for the service offers a full-screen user interface, touch functionality and Windows 7 compatibility, the company says, and the mobile version of the service will be available on the Android and Win Mobile platforms.

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