Dailymotion Launches New Interactive Advertising Formats for Connected TV, IPTV

--Says It Will Announce Several New Connected TV Partnerships at CES

Paris-based video-sharing site operator, Dailymotion, on Tuesday announced the launch of new interactive advertising formats that are designed for connected TV (OTT) and IPTV implementations of its service. The company says that the new formats--which come on the heels of its launch of an ad-supported iPhone/iPod touch application (see the article published on itvt.com, December 22nd)--expand its "ad-supported content strategy to all three screens."

Dailymotion bills the new formats as bringing "the rich, interactive experience of Web advertising to Internet-connected TV's." The company says that the formats are "based on the success of Web-based formats" and are delivered via a Web ad server, and that they are designed to provide an easy transition for advertisers looking to transition to "multiscreen advertising campaigns with made-for-TV interactive capabilities." According to the company, they include:

  • Home page skinning and branded loading pages.
  • Clickable IAB-compliant banner ads.
  • Clickable toaster-into-video ads.
  • In-stream video advertising, including pre-roll, post-roll, and mid-roll "on 'continuous play' of lists."
  • The ability to link from clickable ads to a branded, TV-friendly landing page with information and videos.

Dailymotion has announced a number of deals over the past few years to implement its service on IPTV and connected TV platforms. Among other things, it operates channels on Verizon FiOS TV and on Sony Bravia products in North America, and on France's SFR-neufbox IPTV platform. It says that it will be announcing a number of new connected TV partnerships at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas later this week. "Multiscreen advertising will unlock enormous opportunities for our advertisers," Joy Marcus, general manager of Dailymotion US, said in a prepared statement. "Our approach is to make the transition to connected TV and mobile advertising simple and effective, allowing marketers to speak to our audience with one voice across multiple platforms. This approach also allows us to continue to provide quality ad-supported content to our users wherever they want it."