Tremor Media Launches New Interactive Video Advertising Formats

Online video advertising network operator, Tremor Media, on Wednesday announced a new series of broadband video advertising formats for its flagship Acudeo platform. "With our Acudeo technology tightly integrated within the player-environment across all of the sites in our in-stream network, Tremor Media is able to continually introduce new and innovative ad formats that can be reliably delivered at scale," Tremor Media CEO, Jason Glickman, said in a prepared statement. "These new formats benefit the entire video value chain--from advertisers to publishers to the end-consumer--by putting the viewer in control, enhancing engagement, and making video advertising more effective for brands."

According to Tremor Media, the new ad formats are:

  • "Pre-Roll Plus Overlay," which the company says drives brand engagement and response by inviting the user to interact with a clickable overlay that appears over the publisher's content immediately following a standard pre-roll.
  • "vChoice Select," which the company says enhances brand engagement and ad relevance by allowing the user to choose which video ad they'd like to see before it's delivered.
  • "vChoice Rotator," which the company says provides advertisers with the ability to rotate multiple brand videos in a single creative unit. The format is billed as allowing advertisers with multiple video assets to present a selection of those assets as thumbnails within the vChoice menu (note: for more on Tremor's vChoice offering--which the company bills as a "user-driven in-stream ad format that allows for multi-video and Web site-like experiences delivered inside the player within a pre-roll ad"--see the article published on, June 7th), and rotate those thumbnails each time an impression is served to the same user.
  • "Data Feed," which the company says dynamically populates brand- or location-specific data within the ad unit to drive relevance and response. Data can be fed automatically into the unit, according to the company, or via a user input such as a zip code.
  • "Sequencer," which the company bills as serving a different creative for every sequential impression delivered. This feature, the company says, can be used with any Tremor Media video ad product to drive exposure and engagement for multiple video creatives.
  • "In-Stream Live," which the company says drives brand engagement by inviting the user to watch a live video feed within the unit.

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