Avail-TVN in VOD Distribution Agreements with Knightscove, Oasis TV

Avail-TVN--the company formed last July from the merger of VOD distribution services provider, TVN Entertainment, and Avail Media, a provider of managed content-aggregation services for smaller IPTV operators (see the article published on itvt.com, July 15th)--said Tuesday that it has signed long-term, industry-wide deals to deliver free VOD content from Oasis TV and Knightscove Media. The company says that it will enable Oasis TV's and Knightscove Media's content to reach over 48 million VOD households across North America.

Knightscove recently completed the acquisition of the Kidmazing network, which specializes in pre-k and other children's programming. According to Avail-TVN, Knightscove will shortly launch a service called Knight TV that will provide "full VOD packages of pre-k, big kids and tween programming." Oasis TV, meanwhile, specializes in what it describes as "Body-Mind-Spirit programming in the personal growth, spirituality, metaphysics, natural health, current affairs, earth and science, and love and relationship categories." "Kids and family programming is one of the most popular content categories for VOD and Body-Mind-Spirit programming is particularly topical and of extremely high interest to consumers," Avail-TVN chief revenue officer, Jim Riley, said in a prepared statement. "We are excited to enter into these new agreements with both Oasis TV and Knightscove that provide just the type of content our affiliates and their customers are looking for."

North America