NDS-Subsidiary, CastUP, Launches End-to-End Video Delivery Solution for Apple iPhone

CastUP, a subsidiary of interactive TV and conditional access technology provider, NDS, that specializes in IP streaming media products and CDN systems, on Tuesday announced the launch of an end-to-end video delivery solution for the Apple iPhone.

According to the company, the new solution provides the framework for high-quality video content to be delivered to the iPhone via multiple delivery mechanisms (including live broadcast and VOD), using either streaming or progressive download and ensuring the most cost-effective delivery method for the consumer. In order to maintain a consistent high-quality user experience in variable network conditions, the company says, content can be delivered to the iPhone using adaptive streaming technology (over both WiFi and 3G).

CastUP says that the solution, which is targeted at broadcasters, operators and enterprises, includes encryption and delivery technology, the option of a dedicated video application, and customer support. According to the company, in order to enable delivery of high-quality content with no disruptions, the solution supports multiple variations of the H.264 advanced codec. "There is a clear trend emerging in how we consume video content on mobile devices," CastUP CEO, Amir Yoffe, said in a prepared statement. "We anticipate that the growth we have seen in internet video consumption will be replicated in the mobile Internet video market, and as a company we are perfectly positioned to provide the technology to support that growth; the iPhone solution is a great example of that."