Cablevision Trumpets Success of First Batch of Optimum Select Interactive TV Advertising Campaigns

--Claims 70% Lead Conversion Rate for Most Recent Colgate-Palmolive Campaign

New York-area MSO, Cablevision, is trumpeting the results of the first set of campaigns powered by its new proprietary (i.e. not EBIF-based) interactive TV advertising service, Optimum Select. The service presents viewers with a "select button overlay" which appears at the bottom of the TV screen during a commercial and which invites them to press the "SEL" button on the remote control for more information on an advertised product. Once the viewer presses "SEL," the current program is shifted to the top-right corner of the screen to allow continued viewing, and the viewer is then presented with several possible options, including receiving a free sample of, a coupon for, or additional information on the advertised product. Then, when the viewer presses "SEL" a second time, the sample, coupon or product information is mailed to their home, using the address that corresponds with their account.

The initial Optimum Select campaigns were conducted throughout the fall of 2009 with Gillette, Benjamin Moore, Century 21 (the retailer, not the real estate company), Halls, Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive. The campaigns, which delivered samples and other promotional materials to viewers who pressed the "SEL" button during 30-second spots, were scheduled to run for two weeks but ended in an average of half that time due to high demand, Cablevision says. "The launch of Optimum Select has been a resounding success, marking a defining moment in interactive television," David Kline, president of Rainbow Advertising Sales Corporation, Cablevision's and Rainbow Media's advertising sales arm, said in a prepared statement. "Optimum Select is truly a universal interactive television product with benefits for advertisers of all sizes and all categories including the ability to provide rich engagement metrics. We've recently begun working with local advertisers in the travel, tourism and healthcare industries on Optimum Select RFI campaigns and have seen comparable results. We are excited that consumers are engaged and interacting with Optimum Select on a regular basis with a broad range of advertisers as it clearly illustrates the many great opportunities to come."

According to Cablevision, the conversion rate for leads, with the initial Optimum Select RFI campaigns, increased steadily, beginning with 40% and reaching a peak of over 70% with the most recent Colgate-Palmolive campaign. The conversion rate is defined as the percentage of consumers who, after pushing the "SEL" button in response to a commercial, complete the process by again pressing "SEL" to receive the specific item being offered (note: Cablevision has not revealed how many viewers pressed the "SEL" button the first time in order to initiate interaction with the campaigns' ads). "One of the first objectives for Optimum Select RFI focused on getting viewers comfortable with interacting with television advertising by requesting free samples or other promotional items," Gemma Toner, Cablevision's SVP of marketing and business development, said in a prepared statement. "We have found through these tremendous results that consumers are eager to embrace interactive television; since the launch in October, consumer engagement has accelerated at a pace far beyond our expectations."

Last month (see the article published on, January 4th), Cablevision launched the second phase of Optimum Select: Optimum Select Content Saving, which allows viewers to save long-form video assets in response to a request for more information. The saved content is available to them immediately and is accessed through a personal Optimum Select folder that can be accessed directly from the main menu of Cablevision's iO TV digital cable service, and also online at

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