Medialets Launches iPhone-Based Interactive Video Ad for Rock Band, Vampire Weekend

Medialets Vampire Weekend Ad

--Ad's Interactive Features Triggered by Tilting and Shaking the iPhone, as well as by Clicking

In a posting on its corporate blog, Wednesday, mobile advertising and analytics specialist, Medialets, announced that it has developed and launched an interactive video ad for "Contra," the latest album from the indie rock band, Vampire Weekend. The ad--which is designed both to raise awareness of the new album and to drive direct downloads from the iTunes Music Store--is currently running within the NPR News iPhone app. The ad--which, among other things, allows users to edit a music video of one of the album's tracks--is notable in that its interactive features are triggered by tilting and shaking the iPhone, as well as by touching icons on the handset's screen

Medialets' blog posting describes the experience of interacting with the ad as follows: "When a viewer opens the NPR News iPhone app, a 320x50 banner is presented that, when clicked, expands to reveal the band's 'Contra' album cover. The track 'Cousins' begins to play over the iPhone's speakers...The viewer is immediately prompted via an animated icon to tilt their phone to the right. When they do, the album cover image slides off the screen revealing a full-screen video of Vampire Weekend performing their song 'Cousins.' A message appears instructing the viewer to shake their phone to edit the video. Each time the viewer shakes their phone, the video clip instantly switches out as the band's song continuously plays in the background. The user can tap anywhere on the ad to 'View Album Info.' When tapped, the entire video slides to the left, once again revealing the 'Contra' album cover. The viewer is prompted to tap the album cover to launch the iTunes store."

A demo video of the ad is embedded above.

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