Bresnan Begins Dynamic VOD Advertising Trial, Using Solutions from Arris, Avail-TVN, BlackArrow

Bresnan Communications, the US's 13th-largest MSO (it has approximately 300,000 subscribers), announced last week that it has begun a trial of technologies that enable the dynamic insertion of advertising into VOD programming.

According to Bresnan, the trial--which sees ads being selected and inserted into VOD content in real time (note: traditionally, ads have had to be inserted into VOD programming as much as 60 days in advance), based on such factors as context, content, location and time of day--has been launched in Billings, Bozeman, Helena and Missoula, Montana, uses standards-based technologies and will last 12 weeks. As part of the trial, the MSO says that it has integrated the capabilities of three high-profile cable vendors: Arris, Avail-TVN and BlackArrow: a Bresnan spokesperson told Multichannel News's Todd Spangler that the MSO has integrated its existing Arris VOD architecture with Avail-TVN's Adoniss Asset Management System and the BlackArrow Advanced Advertising System, as well as with ad placement and inventory allocation capabilities that are based on Arris's VOD ConvergeMedia platform and BlackArrow's Placement Opportunity Information Service and Allocation Manager. However, the spokesperson was not willing to disclose which content providers and advertisers have agreed to participate in the trial. "Bresnan's on-demand services and libraries are growing exponentially to keep up with burgeoning customer demand," Bresnan's regional VP of advertising sales, Kelly Enright, said in a prepared statement. "This trial will grow the value of our video-on-demand platform to both advertisers and content partners as we begin to offer a completely new advertising model. Dynamic ad insertion offers an exciting opportunity to develop campaigns that provide relevant, measurable and highly effective advertising to a growing audience and allows programmers to manage on-demand advertising inventory for the first time, while developing a whole new stream of advertising revenue."

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