DISH Network Upgrading SeaChange Ad Insertion Systems to Meet Demand for HD Ads

--DISH Network in Conditional Access System Agreement with Kudelski's Nagravision

VOD and advanced advertising technology provider, SeaChange International, announced Tuesday that satellite TV provider, DISH Network, is upgrading its entire platform of SeaChange Spot advertising insertion systems to meet what it claims is a growing demand for HD ad placements across its North American footprint. SeaChange is DISH Network's exclusive ad insertion technology provider, having delivered ads for the satellite TV provider since it launched its DBS service back in 1996.

According to SeaChange, DISH Network's upgrade of its multichannel advertising delivery platform will include the introduction of SeaChange Spot 5.0 ad insertion systems to support more than 600 channels of commercial delivery. "Not only do we want to give our advertisers the ability to place high-definition ads on our HD channels, but also we want to provide our subscribers with an end-to-end HD viewing experience that does not drop off during commercial breaks," Michael Kelly, DISH Network's EVP of direct, commercial and advertising sales, said in a prepared statement. "The longstanding success DISH Network has enjoyed with our legacy SeaChange platform is an assurance that our new Spot systems will allow us to reliably and effectively serve both our advertisers and subscribers alike." Added SeaChange's senior director of advanced advertising and VOD sales, Sanjiv More: "As DISH Network continues to expand the reach and capabilities of its advertising programs, SeaChange is playing a critical role in ensuring that the ads that are sold on the DISH Network platform are played out when and where they are supposed to. While new opportunities could mean additional complexities, SeaChange is providing the technology and business intelligence to help enable this positive growth, creating a seamless HD experience for DISH Network, its advertisers and its viewers."

SeaChange claims that its Spot systems support over 75,000 TV channels around the world and deliver over 5 million standard- and high-definition ads every day. The company bills the systems as highly automated, standards-based software solutions that integrate seamlessly with ad operations and third-party products to enable a range of revenue streams from linear, targeted and addressable advertising. SeaChange also offers a product called Axiom Ad Pulse On Demand for dynamic VOD ad insertion.

In other DISH Network news: The company has signed a 10-year conditional access system agreement with Kudelski-owned Nagravision and NagraStar. According to Nagravision, the agreement "aligns DISH Network's and Nagravision's interests to optimize the resilience of DISH Network's security solutions, including the deployment of next-generation security smart cards in addition to a broader scope of signal protection covering traditional and emerging piracy threats."

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