News Round-Up

--Ericsson Drops Tandberg Brand, Announces "End-to-Endless Television" in Multiple Syndication Deals, Partners with Interactive Ad Company, InSkin
--Nielsen to Merge Online Viewing into its C3 Ratings
--Recording Academy Planning Interactive Enhancements for Grammy Awards
--Verizon to Offer Streaming Radio to FiOS TV Customers

Because the [itvt] editorial team is busy working on The TV of Tomorrow Show (March 3rd-4th in San Francisco) and on our new EBIF Intensive event (March 5th in San Francisco), we are covering a number of stories in this issue in summary form:

  • Ericsson has now officially dropped the Tandberg Television brand (note: it acquired the latter company back in 2007) and has announced a "strategic approach" called "End-To-Endless Television" (E2E TV), which it says "represents a milestone in our commitment to the global television and multimedia market, and brings us a step closer to realizing our vision of high-quality, multiplatform, connected television," and which it describes as follows: "E2E TV is a new strategic approach that redefines the concept of being an end-to-end partner by uniquely aligning consumer demand, technology enablers and business reality. Our customers benefit from our deep insight into and understanding of what consumers want today and tomorrow, and of how that desire translates into profitable services. E2E TV is backed up with our award-winning technology, proven deployments and global prime integration and services skills to deliver a television experience that is desired, that works and is profitable."
  • Music video Web site company,, has announced video syndication deals with AOL Music, The Irish Independent, Communicorp, Spinner UK, Drowned In Sound, Telegraph Media Group, Bebo, Habbo Hotel, Virtual Festivals, Mama Group: Meanfiddler, and The Fly Magazine. It has also announced a deal with InSkin Media, a company that provides interactive online video ad formats including InSkin (video wraparound); iRoll (interactive pre-roll) and PageSkin. According to the company, the deal "enables any Web site that wants to use these premium InSkin advertising formats around music video to use the player."
  • Nielsen last week announced plans to merge online viewing of TV shows into its standard C3 ratings, dubbing the resulting offering "extended screen reporting." The merged measurement offering is scheduled to begin making data available in September, after Nielsen completes the roll-out of Internet meters to its national TV ratings panel in August. MediaPost's Joe Mandese has more.
  • The Recording Academy has announced plans to enhance this Sunday's 52nd Annual Grammy Awards with various interactive offerings. Those offerings include Grammy Live, described by the Academy as "a 72-hour participatory online broadcast featuring live videos, photos, blogging and micro-blogging, official news reports, and personalized updates from three mobile Grammy vloggers. Fans worldwide will experience the Grammys beyond the telecast with never-before-seen Grammy clips, exclusive Grammy cams, roaming live coverage at various Grammy Week events, and additional behind-the-scenes footage to complement the telecast of the show with red carpet coverage, backstage interviews, exclusive photo sessions with winners, and press room interviews," the Academy continues. Its technical partners for Grammy Live include Ooyala. The Recording Academy is also offering an iPhone app, which it describes as follows: "[the application] includes a 'Guess the Grammys' component, which allows users to give their best guesses for winners in 21 select categories, as well as purchase the nominated music. After users 'Guess the Grammys,' they can register their selections and challenge friends to play along. After the show, an email will be sent to users showing how well their guesses stood up against actual winners. Also included is a Grammy Trivia component along with 'Did You Know' trivia factoids and images from past legendary Grammy Moments."
  • Verizon will today beta-launch a streaming Internet radio service for its FiOS TV customers, according to a report by blogger, Dave Zatz. The service is powered by ClearChannel's IheartRadio, which offers close to 400 stations in various genres. In order to access the service, customers will have to have a networked PC with Verizon's Windows Media Manager installed.


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