to White-Label its Interactive Video Commerce Player

Interactive video commerce company,, announced Wednesday that it is offering its interactive video player on a white-label basis to other Web site operators. The player, which is powered by technologies from Jivox, allows viewers to click on items for sale in a video, in order to launch supplemental product information that appears to the right of the screen, and lets them make purchases without stopping the video or leaving the video page. According to, the player will work on any third-party Web site: Web site operators simply insert a line of code in the page in which they want the player to operate, the company says. "It would not be cost efficient for a business to do something like this on their own" CEO, George Siegal, said in a prepared statement. "But to rent the player from us and have it on a monthly basis can provide an enormous marketing boost to just about any Web site."

According to WatchNBuy, its player is available for a flat monthly fee and includes:

  • Turnkey click data on clickable items in videos. The company says that those data include daily, monthly and yearly statistics detailing what consumers are clicking on when they watch a video.
  • The ability to be linked into Google Analytics. Customers must first set up an account with Google, the company says, and their account will then be merged with the player to provide more comprehensive tracking of the videos and links on their site.
  • Video hosting. The company says that it can host videos while providing the customer with a streaming video account through its partnership with CDN company, Edgecast.


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