MLB.TV to Be Available on Apple's New iPad, Other Portable Devices, the digital arm of Major League Baseball, announced Wednesday that, starting with the 2010 season, its subscription-based, live streaming-enabled broadband video service, MLB.TV, will for the first time offer portability. According to the company, subscribers to the service will be able to access a complete season of 2,430 games on a range of portable interactive platforms, including the new Apple iPad and the At Bat 2010 app for iPhone/iPod touch. The company says that it expects to be able to announce additional platforms for MLB.TV's live streaming prior to baseball's Opening Day. It also says that the 2010 MLB.TV media player will deliver "a fleet of enhancements in a convenient, cutting-edge Adobe Flash format."

According to, other features that will be available on MLB.TV for the 2010 season include:

  • HD-quality picture: the company says that its proprietary speed detection allows high-speed users to receive live HD video at 720p on any size of monitor.
  • Home and away feeds: the ability to watch or listen to either the home or away team's broadcasts.
  • Live game DVR functionality: the ability to pause, rewind and fast-forward live games.
  • Clickable linescores: the ability to go directly to any half-inning to watch only that portion of the game.
  • Multi-game viewing options: the company says that subscribers will be able to watch up to four games simultaneously.
  • Picture-in-picture: the company says that subscribers will be able to choose one game and track another, or watch in-game highlights, simultaneously in a secondary window.
  • Live game highlights: the company says that real-time highlights and player stats will automatically load into the media player, and that, with one click, a clip will instantly launch in a picture-in-picture window.
  • Player tracker: the company says that subscribers will be able to customize alerts to feature entire fantasy rosters or just a list of favorite players. Subscribers will be notified any time a listed player is on deck, the company says, and they will be able to click the real-time alert to watch live at-bat look-ins.
  • Spring training: the company says that subscribers will be able to watch more than 150 live games from Florida and Arizona as teams prepare for the 2010 season.

An article on the Web site has more detail about Major League Baseball's plans for MLB.TV this season.

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