Pace Unveils Set-Top Solution for Making PC Games Available on HDTV Sets

--Solution Developed as Part of EU-Funded Games@Large Project

UK-based set-top box company, Pace, has unveiled an HD set-top box that is designed to make games developed for the PC accessible in the living room. According to the company, the device, which was developed under the auspices of the European Union-funded Games@Large project (of which Pace is a consortium member), allows high-quality PC games to be played on the TV, using a combination of game servers and streaming technology. It is being demo'd this week in Pace's stand (89) at the IPTV World Forum in London.

According to Pace, Games@Large has developed a platform that separates game presentation from game execution, thus allowing PC games to be played on a range of different end-devices. Pace says that its IPTV World Forum demo will showcase game-play being streamed to the set-top box from a central server within the home (this server would usually be a PC), allowing consumers to access and play games through the set-top box, wherever it is located. In addition to traditional video compression, the company says, the Pace set-top uses 3D graphics streaming technology, which enables superior resolution and places less demand on the games server by making use of the 3D graphics capability incorporated into modern set-top box chipsets. "The set-top box remains the cornerstone of digital entertainment in the converged home; it is robust, secure, increasingly connected, and high-definition," Pace chief technologist, Paul Entwistle, said in a prepared statement. "Pace has always been at the forefront of digital TV innovation, enabling pay-TV operators to offer the most compelling services through the set-top box. By building this latest innovation into the set-top box, we can enable pay-TV operators to provide high-end games to their customers and further increase their footprint throughout the home."

Pace says that its new HD set-top games platform builds on two current set-top trends which it claims to be pioneering: connecting to broadband and driving home entertainment convergence. The company bills itself as a "world leader in hybrid set-top boxes, which combine broadcast pay-TV with broadband services," and recently launched its "Whole Home" content sharing solution, which it claims delivers fully featured HD pay-TV to all the displays within a home. Opening up access to the Internet through the set-top box and connecting devices together within the home could, Pace says, enable such future developments as game caching and games on-demand. The company also says that its Whole Home solution offers the potential to stream games around the home using the operator-managed home network.

In other Pace news:

  • The company has announced the other technologies and products that it plans to showcase at the IPTV World Forum this week.
  • The company has announced that South African systems integrator, Space Television Group, has joined its Networks Approved Partner program.

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