Netflix Launches Streaming Service for Nintendo Wii

Video Comparison: Netflix PS3 vs Wii

In a posting on its corporate blog last Thursday, Netflix's VP of marketing, Jessie Becker, announced that the company is "in the final phase of getting ready for the launch of streaming" to the Nintendo Wii games console (note: the Wii is currently the most popular games console in the US). The company--which originally announced Wii streaming support in January (see the article published on, January 13th) and which has previously secured distribution deals for its streaming service through the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 games consoles, as well as through Roku OTT set-tops, TiVo DVR's and a number of other devices and platforms--is implementing Wii support via a free "instant-streaming" disc that it will mail to its subscribers (note: accessing Netflix through the PlayStation 3 also requires the insertion of a disc). According to the company's blog posting, it already shipped out instant streaming discs for the Wii to an undisclosed number of its subscribers last week, whose feedback, it says, "will ensure that we deliver a great experience to everyone when we launch." "If you have reserved your disc already, you don't need to do anything--we will send you an email as soon as we ship the disc," Netflix's blog post concludes. "If you haven't, reserve your disc today at and stay tuned for a launch announcement!" The blog, Super Power Bros, received a Netflix Wii instant streaming disc over the weekend, and a video of an informal comparison test it conducted between Netflix on the Wii and on the PS3 is embedded above.

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