Rovi Launches Software Application for Managing Home Video, Photos and Music

Rovi (formerly Macrovision--for more on the company's name change and the repositioning it heralds, see the interview with Rovi chief evangelist, Richard Bullwinkle, that was published on, July 16th), on Monday announced the availability of its Personal Media Manager solution, a software application that it bills as enabling consumers to "clean" or update the entertainment data residing in their media libraries, as well as to stream and share music, videos and photos stored on devices on a home network. According to the company, the solution is compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Linux, and is designed as a "brandable companion application" for such consumer electronics products as network attached storage devices, digital media receivers and set-top boxes, as well as for online portals and stores. "Consumers today are seeing their digital media libraries grow considerably as they continue to acquire, create and consume music, videos and photos," Corey Ferengul, Rovi's EVP of product management and marketing, said in a prepared statement. "As a result, consumers need an easy way to manage their media collections and drive even more content consumption. We believe a Rovi solution including Personal Media Manager offers device manufacturers a distinctive capability that they can use to differentiate their offerings."

According to Rovi, Personal Media Manager is powered by the company's Lasso media recognition technology and supported by its "deep" entertainment metadata. The company says that the solution cleans, identifies and tags content with essential descriptive information on albums, songs, movies and other media, and that it is also capable of connecting the consumer to online stores provided by a CE manufacturer, thus enabling simplified access to more content. The new application uses Rovi's Connected Platform media networking technology, the company says, includes a full DLNA player, server and controller, and allows content streaming to devices on the home network. The company claims that it "uniquely" operates across PC, Mac and Linux environments, and offers consumers the ability to connect devices running on different platforms, in order to share content. It also says that the solution can be configured to work with popular social networking sites, enabling consumers to easily share personal content such as photos and home videos with friends and family.

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