Diesel Uses Clickable Interactive Video to Promote its New Spring/Summer Clothing Collection

Italian clothing company, Diesel, is promoting its new Spring/Summer collection via a vcommerce-enabled interactive video that is the result of a collaboration between advertising agency, Anomaly, and production company, Stink Digital.

The video--whose soundtrack is "A Hundred Lovers," a new single from musician, Josep Xorto, and which is part of Diesel's ongoing "Be Stupid" campaign (hence its multiple "stupid" references)--invites viewers to run their cursor over it to activate its clickable hotspots, which consist of arrows that point to each of the various pieces of clothing worn by the characters it portrays: the video pauses as the hotspots/arrows appear, and viewers can then click on them to buy or find out more about the clothes that they highlight. The video is hosted on Diesel's Web site at http://www.diesel.com/ahundredlovers.

North America