Verizon FiOS TV Launches Interactive TV Widget for Baseball Fans

--Widget Offers Extra Features for MLB Extra Innings Subscribers

In a posting on a corporate blog, Wednesday, Verizon FiOS TV announced the launch of a free interactive TV widget for baseball fans. The widget, which became available this week, provides viewers with access to headline news, scores, league standings and player updates.

In addition, the new widget allows FiOS TV customers who subscribe to the $189 MLB Extra Innings premium programming package (offers up to 80 out-of-market regular-season baseball games each week, including up to 80 in HD, and can be ordered using the FiOS TV remote) to customize on-screen game alerts for up to 10 teams. Once set, Verizon says, the alerts pop up at the bottom of the screen over whichever channel the viewer is watching: by pressing the "OK" button on the FiOS TV remote control, the viewer can jump to the live game covered in the alert. According to Verizon, MLB Extra Innings subscribers can customize the widget to provide alerts in the following categories: "Start of Game," "End of Game," "Pitching Substitutions," "Runs Scored," "Home Runs," "Lead Changes" "Start of the 9th," and "Extra Innings."

In other Verizon FiOS TV news: The company has announced the latest update (IMG 1.71) to its Interactive Media Guide software. According to Verizon's Joe Ambeault, the update is "a maintenance release that primarily addresses software and firmware issues with the principal focus on picture quality, usability and HDMI interoperability."

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