DirecTV to Provide Extensive Interactive TV Coverage of 2010 Masters Golf Tournament

DirecTV contacted [itvt] Monday to let us know that it will be offering the "Masters Experience," an interactive TV service providing coverage of the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament. According to the company, the service, which will be offered in HD and free of charge, will include one of its signature four-in-one mix (multiscreen mosaic) channels, as well as a range of other interactive features, during ESPN's coverage of the tournament's first two rounds (April 8th-9th) and CBS Sports' coverage of its final two rounds (April 10th-11th).

DirecTV says that the Masters Mix channel (Channel 701) will display: 1) live network coverage from ESPN and CBS Sports; 2) "Amen Corner," which will offer continuous live coverage of the 11th, 12th and 13th holes; 3) complete live coverage of holes 15 and 16; and 4) "Featured Group," a new offering from CBS Sports that follows a select group during the morning and afternoon of all four rounds during the tournament (note: the four live feeds offered by DirecTV's Masters Mix channel, each of which will be fully produced with its own production crew and announcers, will also be available on and the article published on, April 5th). Viewers with interactive receivers will be able to use their remote to highlight each of the Masters Mix channels and listen to its audio feed, or to tune directly to a full-screen version. The Mix Channel will also feature a real-time leaderboard.

In addition, by pressing the red button while tuned to any Masters Experience channel, DirecTV subscribers will be able to access an interactive leaderboard. They will also be able to select "Scorecard" to access hole-by-hole stats for each player in the field; participate in a 10-question Masters Tournament trivia quiz; and access a special "Tune To" menu that will allow them to tune directly to the mix channel, the network broadcast, or any of the three Masters Experience channels.

DirecTV says it will also offer, exclusively to its customers, a "2010 Masters Preview" show on its 101 Network, featuring players to watch, changes to the course and other supplemental information: the show will also be available on DirecTV on Demand a week before the tournament. In addition, the 101 Network will feature the 2009 Masters Official Film, as well as the last five years of official Masters Films, DirecTV says. This content will also be offered through a special Masters on Demand page, according to the company, along with daily highlights packages and information on tournament leaders and notable golfers.

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