Coincident TV Launches its "Hypervideo" Technology in Private Beta

--Technology Billed as Enabling Social Media, Web Links, Commerce, All Within the Video Player

At the NAB show in Las Vegas Monday, San Francisco-based start-up, Coincident TV (CTV), officially launched its flagship "hypervideo" technology in private beta. The technology--a software suite that the company bills as combining online video, social media, Web links and commerce into a single immersive experience--is currently powering a Facebook-integrated, interactive "social trailer" for Fox's primetime musical series, "Glee" (see the article published on, April 6th). CTV claims that its platform's authoring, viewing and measurement tools "provide solutions to many of the greatest challenges to the online video model, including seamless content integration, personalization and monetization." "Coincident TV dramatically enhances the video experience for both consumers and content creators through hypervideo," CTV CEO, David Kaiser, said in a prepared statement (note: Kaiser's resume includes stints as CEO of the pioneering interactive TV company, respondTV, and as the founding VP of engineering at Macromedia; other companies that he and/or CTV co-founder, Bruce Schwartz, have worked at include Adobe, Apple, Endemol, Viacom and Openwave). "It's a holistic media experience--a mixture of video, Web and social content within one video player. We're excited to launch our software solution in private beta and will soon announce key partnerships that showcase Coincident TV's transformative, interactive offerings."

According to CTV its hypervideo technology will:

  • provide viewers with an enhanced Web video experience that transforms a 45-minute show into "90 minutes of engagement" through personalized interactivity, including the ability to navigate additional content, chat with friends and purchase merchandise online--all without leaving the video player;
  • allow content creators the freedom to seamlessly design, manage and measure hypervideo experiences with high-quality video content, while enhancing navigation through creative hotspotting, overlays, picture-in-picture, split screen, social media integration and other methods of integration within the video player;
  • allow media companies to quickly and intuitively create revenue-building solutions, such as new advertising platforms, subscription TV models, increased brand integration and ecommerce, while offering audiences dynamic engagement with characters, brands and stories.

CTV says that its private beta will provide invited users with access to products, tutorials, demos, community forums, FAQ's and more. Interested parties can sign up for the beta at (note: the company says that the beta will be open to a limited number of users). NAB attendees interested in receiving a demo of CTV's technology at the show can sign up for one at

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