mDialog Launches Interactive Video Overlay Ads for the Apple iPad

mDialog In-Stream Interactive Overlay Demo

At the NAB show in Las Vegas, Tuesday, mobile video and in-stream ad management company, mDialog, launched in-stream interactive overlay ads for the new Apple iPad. According to the company, which says it delivers video across Akamai's HD Network, advertisers can now offer "perfectly targeted" interactive overlay advertising on live events and pre-recorded video streamed on the iPad. The overlays also allow viewers to choose on the fly which ad they would prefer to view, the company says.

According to mDialog, its interactive overlay technology combines impression-based, CPM-driven, in-stream video advertising with actionable, cost-per-click advertising, allowing users to "experience the advertising they want on their own terms." The company claims to provide live and VOD broadcasters with "the only complete adaptive streaming delivery platform with seamless interactive ad-overlays and in-stream ad-insertion with geo-targeting, day-parting and frequency capping."

mDialog bills the new interactive video ad overlays as complementing its existing toolset, which it says includes "to-the-second" dynamic ad insertion services that are available through the mDialog Video Player SDK , as well as through the Safari HTML5 player. According to the company, the mDialog SDK takes advantage of specific features that only the iPad can offer, enhancing the viewing experience on the device and providing publishers and advertisers with the tools they need to easily stream and monetize their video. "With our new in-stream interactive overlays and our ability to deliver targeted ad content to live and VOD audiences, Akamai's HD Network solution means mDialog customers are assured their video and associated advertising will be delivered to the right audience in the right ad market," mDialog founder and president, Greg Philpott, said in a prepared statement. "mDialog now stands as the most complete video and ad management platform for the iPhone and iPad on the market."

A demo video of mDialog's new interactive overlay ads for video on the iPad is embedded above.

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