Radio: YouTube Annotations Inventor, Michael Fink

Radio [i]tvt - YouTube's Michael Fink - Inventor of Annotations

--Reveals Secret for Using Annotations to Enable Interactivity Within a YouTube Video, rather than Between Videos

In this recorded episode of [itvt]'s talk radio show, "Radio [i]tvt," the inventor of YouTube Annotations (i.e. the technology that allows YouTube users to create interactive videos, such as the Chad, Matt & Rob "Interactive Adventures" profiled in an interview published on, March 25th), Google engineer Michael Fink, discusses the technology, its origins, the innovative ways in which it is being employed both by professionals and consumers, and YouTube's roadmap for the technology. Among other things, he reveals publicly for the first time the secret for using Annotations to enable clickable interactivity within a YouTube video, rather than between videos (36:45).