New Video Interview with Bob Perry, SVP of Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company

[itvt] has just published a video interview in which Bob Perry, SVP of Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, provides an overview of Panasonic's connected TV and 3D TV product strategy. Topics discussed include Panasonic's product priorities; third-party service offerings that are set to launch on Viera Cast over the coming year; what applications might look like that integrate both 3D and connected TV; and more. Perry also explains why he is interested in reaching out to application and service developers among [itvt]'s readership, and invites them to contact him by email.

Please note that the [itvt] editorial team is on the road this week, so we will not be publishing news on a daily basis. However, we do plan to publish round-up/summary coverage of the latest interactive/multiplatform TV news shortly.

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