News Round-Up (III)

--Clearleap, Arris Integrate Technologies to Offer Content Management Solution for VOD and Ad Services
--Clicker Media Launches Clicker Live
--Clikthrough Powers Interactive Video Commerce Service for Elle Magazine
--Comcast Media Center Launches Managed Solution for Delivering ETV Apps Less Expensively
--Concurrent Launches MediaHawk VX Multiscreen Video Delivery Software

The [itvt] editorial team is on the road this week, so we are covering most stories in round-up/summary form, and we anticipate that there will be some additional interruptions of our regular news publishing schedule beyond that. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience to our readers.

  • Clearleap, a company that offers a technology platform for bringing Internet-sourced video content to television sets, and Arris, a company whose offerings include a range of VOD technologies, have announced that they have integrated the Arris ConvergeMedia On Demand Content Management and Distribution system with Clearleap's Web-based content and workflow management suite to create an integrated content management solution for VOD and advertising services. "The VOD advertising offering will leverage the Arris ConvergeMedia system and Clearleap's ability to quickly ingest, manage and deploy a variety of advertising assets," the companies state in their press materials. "These assets range from video pre-rolls and interstitials to graphic overlays, which offer a solution that integrates directly into traditional linear or dynamic third party advertising systems. A version of the joint solution, currently in trials with a mid-sized operator in the Mid-west, provides the ability to dynamically target local spot advertising in VOD programming, ensuring that actual ad creative is available at the right market destination in time to meet ad decision system determinations. This solution offers operators and programmers a new revenue-generating inventory pool for advertisers to reach subscribers that are interested in their products and services based upon markets, demographics, interests and other criteria while preserving subscribers' privacy...On the programming side, the joint solution is currently being utilized for advanced local VOD content programming with a major MSO in Texas to bring programming into the VOD system within seconds of content ingest, from anywhere. The Web-based TV technology platform will give Arris customers the instant ability to integrate program offerings from Clearleap's Content Marketplace, a self-serve platform that offers MSO's a variety of scouted, vetted, and licensed content containing national programming, best of Web, and special interest content in pre-selected, dynamically populating channels."
  • Clicker Media--the company which last fall 1) launched, a service which it bills as "the first complete programming guide to Internet television" and as "the first truly comprehensive, structured and unbiased resource for navigating all broadcast- and broadcast-quality programming online" (see the article published on, November 16th), and 2) revealed that Sling Media co-founder, Blake Krikorian, had invested in it and joined its board (see the article published on, November 9th)--has announced the launch of a service called Clicker Live, which it bills as "cataloging all premium live shows online and letting viewers search or browse upcoming shows by title, topic or category, see a list of what's streaming live right now, or check out a calendar with listings of live shows by date."
  • Abe McCallum, CEO of San Francisco-based interactive video and video analytics company, Clikthrough, contacted [itvt] earlier this week to let us know that his company has been tapped by Elle Magazine to power an interactive video shopping (aka "vcommerce") service. "Our first release with Elle partners with the eretailer NET-A-PORTER and allows for any item within the video to be purchased directly through their ecommerce site," McCallum explained in an email. "As part of this launch, Clikthrough has created a branded experience that can be reused for upcoming partner launches. In addition to building a custom experience, Clikthrough has integrated with Facebook Connect and allowed Elle visitors to make comments, vote in polls, rate items, and add products to a wishlist. Elle Magazine is the first company to take advantage of Clikthrough's Facebook Connect functionality and we expect many more customers to sign-up as Facebook becomes a larger component of everyone's social marketing strategies." The new service can be viewed at
  • Comcast Media Center's HITS unit has launched a managed solution which it says will reduce the costs and improve the process for delivering EBIF-based ETV applications to cable systems. According to the company, HITS AxIS ETV Solutions for Programmers, as the new solution set is called, "include data PID (packet ID) distribution, management, and monitoring from HITS Advanced Interactive Services (AxIS). This service," the company says, "allows cable programming networks to deliver ETV applications without integrating them into their linear programming, incurring incremental transponder costs, or impacting video quality. Because the HITS AxIS platform delivers the data feed terrestrially, a television programming network can add ETV applications without affecting its existing satellite loading or the quality of its audio and video distribution. The HITS AxIS managed solution also allows content providers to deliver ETV applications that are tailored to their cable operator affiliates and the markets they serve. In addition," CMC's press materials continue, "HITS AxIS ETV Solutions for Programmers offer management and monitoring capabilities and Campaign Information Package (CIP) scheduling integration to ensure applications perform as designed and are delivered to the right cable system at the right time. Since HITS AxIS serves as a programming network's single point-of-contact for ETV distribution, it shifts the burden for monitoring ETV applications at each cable affiliate's headend from the video programmer to HITS AxIS, which is delivering the application to participating cable operators. This can also accelerate the process for identifying and resolving service issues."
  • Concurrent has announced the launch of MediaHawk VX, which it bills as a "next-generation software solution for delivering revenue-producing multiscreen video," and as "enabl[ing] service providers and content providers to deliver commercial video to any device over any network from a unified, hardware-agnostic platform." Key features of MediaHawk VX, according to Concurrent, include 1) integrated streaming and download delivery (HTTP progressive download, dynamic bit-rate HTTP streaming, RTSP streaming featuring Gatling Resiliency), 2) Support for Web and wireless connected devices (Apple iPhone and iPad, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight), 3) Origin server, content delivery and edge caching functionality, 4) 3D content support, and 5) support for multiple hardware platforms (up to 20Gbps of output per RU, integrated 100% solid state cache, ultra-high capacity storage).


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