News Round-Up (VI)

--Revision3 to Use Miso iPhone/iPod touch Social TV App to Drive Interest in its Shows
--Rovi Launches Cable Operator Version of its TotalGuide EPG
--Rovi Licenses Passport EPG and Applications to Two Latin American Cable Operators
--Shaw Taps Verivue to Power Expansion of its VOD Service

The [itvt] editorial team is currently on the road, so we are covering today's stories in round-up/summary form. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience to our readers.

  • Revision3 has announced that it will use Bazaar Labs' new iPhone/iPod touch app, Miso, to help drive awareness and tune-ins for its shows. According to the company, it is hoping that its viewers "will use Miso's brand new platform to 'check in' and share their entertainment experience with friends while creating a stronger connection with the brand and its fans. Miso makes it easy and fun to share what you watch with your friends," Revision3's press materials continue. "People 'check-in,' share what they are watching with their friends, gain points and badges and can optionally post to their social networks including Facebook and Twitter. To make it fun, Miso makes watching content more like a game. The more people check-in, the more points can be earned, and exclusive badges can be unlocked."
  • Rovi has announced the launch of its TotalGuide Solution for Service Providers, an advanced EPG for cable platforms (note: the company showcased a TotalGuide EPG for connected TV devices at the Consumer Electronics Show in January--see the article published on, January 11th). According to the company, the new guide "uses in-depth entertainment data from Rovi to power search, browse and recommendation capabilities..., streamlines the access to linear TV, digital video recorded (DVR), [and] video-on-demand (VOD) content through one user interface, as well as enables service providers to seamlessly integrate broadband and personal content as they are being implemented in next-generation service provider offerings." "The world of home entertainment is undergoing a major transition," Rovi's EVP of product management and marketing, Corey Ferengul, said in a prepared statement. "No longer the only source of entertainment in the home, the TV now competes with several alternative platforms, most notably the Internet, which continues to grow as a major destination for on-demand and over-the-top video content. As the landscape shifts, cable operators must find new and relevant ways to engage their subscribers and drive greater value. Recognizing this, we will be offering our groundbreaking TotalGuide platform to cable operators so that they can differentiate their services and enhance how consumers connect to and navigate the cable experience."
  • In other Rovi news (see also the article on Rovi and Alticast in this issue): The company has announced that it has signed multi-year licensing agreements for its Passport Guide and applications with Cable & Wireless Panama and with Argentina's Supercanal. Cable & Wireless Panama will also license Rovi's TV data, the company says.
  • Verivue has announced that Shaw Communications has deployed its MDX9200 Series Media Distribution Switch to support the expansion of its VOD service for both HD and SD content to customers in the Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg metropolitan areas. "Modeled after the blade server concept, the MDX integrates servers, storage, networking and applications into a unified platform," Verivue explains in its press materials. "Its modular design offers a true alternative to sprawling racks of servers, hard disk drives, network adapters, cables and supporting LAN switches cluttering already overburdened data centers. The MDX 9000 family includes two models--the high-capacity MDX 9200 and the new MDX 9020 offering mid-range stream capacity. When deployed together in a content delivery network (CDN), these two systems cooperate to dynamically push popular content closer to the customer, freeing up capacity on the IP backbone and lowering delivery costs. Shaw's initial deployment of MDX 9200 systems will soon be expanded to include the smaller, complementary MDX 9020 at the edge. One of the many Verivue innovations is its VueStor solid-state storage subsystem, a fully integrated shared storage solution built directly into the chassis. Based on Flash Memory technology, VueStor is an energy efficient storage solution designed exclusively for media delivery that offers significantly higher streaming performance and reliability when compared to hard disk drives or conventional solid state drives (SSD's)."