OpenTV Launches Campaign Management Solution for VOD Advertising

--Vendors Team at Cable Show to Demo Dynamic Linear Ad Insertion, Interactive EBIF Ads
--SeaChange Launches Advertising System Evolution Program

Interactive TV and advanced advertising technology provider, OpenTV, on Tuesday unveiled a new campaign management solution designed specifically to serve the VOD advertising marketplace. Dubbed EclipsePlus/xG OnDemand and scheduled for beta release next month, the new solution--which OpenTV is demo'ing in its booth (1301) at the NCTA Cable Show in Los Angeles--is billed by the company as supporting the backoffice requirements to monetize dynamic VOD inventory such as short-form (pre-, mid- and post-rolls) and long-form (showcase) advertising.

In addition, OpenTV says, the new solution allows for the sophisticated management of copy versions and audience segmentation to provide more relevant, audience-specific advertising to viewers. According to the company, it supports the SCTE-130 family of standards, as well as CableLabs specifications for advanced advertising, and uses "the latest in state-of-the-art" Web-based technologies to link content management, audience qualification and placement opportunities to make the most out of an operator's VOD programming. "There is a clear shift toward a more consumer-controlled, on-demand viewing environment," Paul Woidke, OpenTV's SVP and general manager of advanced advertising, said in a prepared statement. "This means that operators require new ways to manage their ad inventories and to maximize how those ads are delivered. EclipsePlus/xG OnDemand is a state-of-the-art product that once again demonstrates our commitment to delivering advanced advertising technologies to our customers and leverages our robust experience in campaign management. Built on the success of our EclipsePlus product, which is widely deployed in the US and serves more than 35 million subscribers, EclipsePlus/xG is the de facto solution for VOD advertising and operators seeking to identify and sustain new revenue-generating opportunities in this new era of television advertising."

According to OpenTV, EclipsePlus/xG OnDemand supports dynamic addressable and interactive advertising over VOD, allowing operators to efficiently sell, manage, deliver and bill advertisements across their on-demand infrastructure, using a comprehensive and intuitive user interface. It offers a streamlined workflow, the company says, that minimizes the number of screens and clicks needed in daily ad sales operations tasks, allowing for quick set-up and management of VOD advertising orders. Key functions of the new solution, according to OpenTV, include:

  • VOD advertising campaign management, providing support for long-form and short-form inventory and allowing operators to improve performance, maintainability and third-party extensibility in their VOD advertising ecosystem (Network/Programs, Inventory, Order, Copy, Schedule, Verification and Billing).
  • Interactivity and dynamic addressability of ads within VOD content through the OpenTV Ad Decision Service (ADS) and Ad Versioning, enabling inventory owners to quickly model the effective use of addressable ads and identify the highest yielding audience segments.
  • Reporting, including near-real-time campaign performance monitoring, allowing ad sales teams to quickly identify potential problems and take corrective action in time.
  • Two modes of operation, allowing the solution to work either in a standalone environment, fully integrated with third-party solutions, or integrated with the OpenTV EclipsePlus linear traffic and billing product.

In other advanced advertising news:

  • A coalition of advanced advertising vendors--comprised of OpenTV, Arris, FourthWall Media, RGB Networks, Strategy & Technology, Unisoft, Sigma Systems, Nielsen, Avail-TVN and This Technology--announced Tuesday that they will jointly demonstrate addressability in linear dynamic ad insertion and an EBIF interactive TV advertising environment at the Cable Show. According to the companies, the demo, which is taking place in OpenTV's pedestal in the CableNET exhibit, is driven by a linear content feed that simulates a typical ad-sponsored network with both national and local ad breaks containing embedded spots. Among other things, it is designed to serve as a use case for several SCTE standards and CableLabs specs including SCTE-35-compliant messaging within the stream, out-of-band metadata, SaFI specs, and SCTE-30- and 130-compliant messages among the participating vendor systems. The companies promise that attendees who view the demo will see: 1) local ad insertion that replaces embedded network promotional spots in the feed with dynamically selected local spots that include an addressable, late-bound overlay, an addressable late-bound EBIF application, or an addressable pre-bound EBIF application; 2) creative version substitution, whereby an embedded paid spot is replaced by an addressable, audience-specific version from the same advertiser, showing replacement in any position within the break; 3) ad content overlaid on the program segments, using both splicer insertion and late-bound EBIF applications; and 4) deployment control for enabling/disabling EBIF and addressable ads by zone and time without duplicating or re-encoding the stream. "Interoperability of emerging technologies is the key message of this demonstration," OpenTV's Woidke said in a prepared statement. "Cooperation by vendors in support of SCTE and CableLabs standards and specifications provides our cable and network business partners with the opportunity to invest in new cutting-edge technologies without being trapped into inflexible operational silos. We are proud to show, along with nine other developers, that advanced advertising technologies for delivering new revenue streams are here today."
  • VOD and advanced advertising technology provider, SeaChange International, has announced an ad system evolution program which it says is designed to enable television operators to "capitalize on the wave of consolidation in ad operations." Dubbed SeaChange Spot Assurance, the program immediately delivers software and hardware enhancements for SeaChange Spot System deployments and positions customers for multiscreen advertising from an open, standards-based and massively scalable architecture, the company says. "Ad operations consolidation is triggering unprecedented needs for enterprise scalability and centralization if the business is to manage significantly increasing numbers of spots, new formats such as 3D, interactivity and diverse campaigns to any video device, and it all starts with the SeaChange Spot management platform that operators have in place today," Malcolm Stanley, SeaChange's director of advertising product management, said in a prepared statement. "Our customers will capitalize on that foundation yet again, check off the consolidation box and incrementally extend their linear and interactive ad business to mobile and PC. Today we're pleased to announce that we've ensured our customers' successful advertising evolution with a nearly 50% expansion of our ad solutions engineering workforce."


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