Clearleap, FourthWall Demo Local Mini-Guide, Based on Unbound, Video-Centric EBIF Application

--Strategy & Technology Integrates TSMonitor with FourthWall's EBIF User Agent

FourthWall Media, the interactive TV technology company formerly known as BIAP, and Clearleap, a company that offers a technology platform for bringing Internet-sourced video content to television sets, contacted [itvt] Tuesday to let us know that they have developed a video-centric EBIF application that is designed to serve as a "mini-guide" for local news, sports and information. The companies are currently demo'ing a local sports version of the new app--which they say illustrates "how the television industry can leverage video in EBIF form"--in the CableNET Pavilion at the NCTA Cable Show in Los Angeles.

According to the companies, the unbound app that they are demo'ing at the Cable Show combines the best of Internet and cable technologies to provide fresh and timely local information, using video, text and images to deliver sports scores, stats, game highlights, and player profiles. By leveraging Clearleap's ability to ingest video content from any source, convert it to a TV-ready format and deliver it for near-real-time integration, the companies say, FourthWall was able to design the EBIF application using localized video content as the centerpiece. Using Internet-like but cable-friendly technologies, the companies claim, advertising can easily be inserted in either a graphic or a video format. In addition, they say, advertisers can track the effectiveness of that advertising, based on clicks or video plays.

In other FourthWall Media news: Strategy & Technology, a UK-based company that specializes in solutions for standards-based interactive TV, says that it has integrated its TSMonitor tool with the company's EBIF User Agent and application development environment. According to S&T, TSMonitor is a tool for monitoring broadcast interactive applications and closed captioning/subtitles, in order to help ensure that they are reliably delivered to viewers. It is designed for use by broadcasters or playout centers wherever there is a need to monitor broadcast interactive applications, closed captions or subtitles, and other ancillary components within a transport stream.

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