ActiveVideo Networks to Outline "iVOD" Concept at NCTA Cable Show

--Will also Use Show to Demo Range of CloudTV-Based Interactive TV Apps and Services

Cloud-based interactive TV specialist, ActiveVideo Networks, said Tuesday that it will use this week's NCTA Cable Show to showcase what it calls "iVOD"--which it describes as "a new strategic approach for providing the cable industry with a next-generation experience that unifies content across multiple platforms and brings new levels of personalization, recommendation and social networking to traditional on-demand television."

The company says that it will demo how its CloudTV platform, personalized navigation interface and intelligent navigation functionality can enable viewers to "browse, search and recommend content from any source in an iVOD environment that encompasses linear television, VOD, interactive TV, Web video and user-generated content." According to the company, iVOD is designed to eliminate walls between content silos and to enable operators to reduce subscriber confusion, increase viewing and create new opportunities for targeted, interactive advertising. "The cable content universe is unparalleled in terms of richness, quality and diversity, but removing barriers between content sources, introducing social networks and creating intuitive browsing experiences would increase the industry's ability to maximize the value of its video platforms," ActiveVideo president and CEO, Jeff Miller, said in a prepared statement. "iVOD is all about the migration to a landscape in which viewers can seamlessly access all of their video content, without launching interactive or on-demand 'sessions' and without leaving the TV." Added ActiveVideo's SVP of marketing, Edgar Villalpando: "In the end, all video is 'on demand.' In the new era of nearly infinite content choices, the next-generation video experience is as defined by content discovery and browsing as it is consumption. In an iVOD environment, recommendations from a viewer's own social networks and communities create a search experience that is nearly as enjoyable as the content itself."

According to ActiveVideo, iVOD combines two "familiar concepts"--Web functionality and on-demand video--into an "intelligent, immersive, individual experience that would enable cable system operators to consolidate their product messages to subscribers." Operators and programmers would also be able to adopt unified programs for the selling, insertion and reporting of targeted advertising across all video platforms, the company says. In an "iVOD world," the company explains, operators would be able to offer and monetize a wide variety of Web-like features, including enhanced search and discovery; the ability of subscribers to exchange, and act on, recommendations with friends; and the ability of programming to "find" the viewers, based on demographics and individual viewing habits. "iVOD essentially is television without borders," Villalpando continued. "As a seamless viewing experience, it can move Web 2.0 content to the big screen, change the way Hollywood monetizes content, and drive increased on-demand use. We believe that it is a simple, effective approach than can quickly change the way all video is consumed."

In addition to outlining its iVOD concept, ActiveVideo says that it plans to use the Cable Show to demo a range of applications and services (in booth 1801 and the "My World: Powered by Cable" exhibit) that can be delivered by its CloudTV platform over existing cable infrastructure, including Web-style personal and social TV applications; iPhone remote navigation that increases the ability to find and control content; Web-based interactivity that enhances EBIF capabilities; advanced VOD advertising integration; and innovative interactive TV games. It also plans to share field results (from TAG Networks, the interactive TV games company that it recently acquired), which it says confirm the power of games as a driver of usage.

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