New Interview with Delivery Agent CEO, Mike Fitzsimmons; Two New Columns from The iTV Doctor

--Fitzsimmons Discusses his Company's Acquisition of The Band, and the Tcommerce Space in General
--The iTV Doctor Discusses Program Guides and Telescopic Interactive TV Advertising

[itvt] has just published an interview with Mike Fitzsimmons, founder and CEO of Delivery Agent, a company which specializes in developing digital commerce solutions for entertainment/media companies (its clients include ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox, Discovery, HBO, Showtime, A&E, MTV, among around 200 others), and which earlier this week announced that it had acquired The Band, an interactive media agency that develops and deploys advanced media campaigns across the full spectrum of TV platforms, including cable, satellite and telco.

Fitzsimmons, explains the strategy behind the acquisition, and how his company plans to leverage The Band's capabilities going forward. Topics discussed include a new software offering that Delivery Agent plans to release to the market later this year; the various deployments the company is currently engaged in; the current status and future of the tcommerce space in general; and much more.

We have also just published two new columns--on program guides and telescopic interactive TV advertising respectively--from The iTV Doctor, Rick Howe.

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