enableTV Releases DV-TIDE 2.1 PC-Based Headend Solution for ETV/EBIF and OCAP/tru2way

enableTV, the interactive TV software and services company that in 2008 was spun out of Vidiom Systems by Vidiom founder, Tim Wahlers (see the article published on itvt.com, September 29th, 2008), last week announced the release of version 2.1 of its DV-TIDE PC-based headend solution for ETV/EBIF and OCAP/tru2way application delivery. According to the company, DV-TIDE 2.1 supports host control over multiple DV-TIDE systems with a combined channel map, and delivery of bound and unbound ETV/EBIF and OCAP/tru2way applications. It provides testing in an environment similar to a cable plant without a headend at a fraction of the cost, the company claims.

According to enableTV, DV-TIDE 2.1 supports real-time carouselled EBIF application insertion into transport streams, and can be expanded up to 32 QAM channels. It also supports delivery of bound applications, unbound applications, SI data including channel maps, XAIT and VOD requests and control including RTSP and ISA support, the company says. It is designed for use in facilities with no headends, in facilities with headends that require local configuration capabilities, and in demonstrations where there is no access to a headend. "enableTV is supporting remote testing of EBIF applications in our test lab today," enableTV's VP of services, Walden Miller, said in a prepared statement. "With the delivery of carouselled EBIF applications, DV-TIDE becomes an easy choice to test these applications. This is a significant step in providing application testing without headends."

In addition to its test products, enableTV says it offers a full EBIF and OCAP test facility with Motorola and Cisco headends, over 10,000 fully automated OCAP-specific and platform performance tests, remote testing, and tru2way pre-certification services.

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