Ooyala Deploys Cassandra Database System to Power Planned Next-Generation Video Analytics Offering

Broadband video platform provider, Ooyala, said Monday that it has deployed Cassandra as its new database system. Cassandra is a distributed database system that Facebook developed and open-sourced in 2008, and that is billed as "bring[ing] together the scalability and reliability of both Amazon's Dynamo and Google's Bigtable storage systems in a single data model." According to Ooyala, it is used by Cisco, Facebook, Digg and IBM to manage large data sets for various applications.

Ooyala says that Cassandra will enhance its current analytics offering--increasing performance and reporting granularity and driving new revenue optimization features--and will "create the backbone" for its new Business Intelligence platform for video that is slated to go live later this year. "In the world of terrestrial broadcasting and linear television, it is virtually impossible to truly understand what shows and ads people find interesting and engaging because there isn't a simple way to track TV viewing behavior," Ooyala co-founder and CTO, Sean Knapp, said in a prepared statement. "On the Internet, it is possible to track this information, but there is so much information that most publishers don't know how to store, track or analyze it. Cassandra will help us unveil a new generation of video analytics that will move our platform from reports, to insight that results in revenue maximization." Added Ooyala president and CEO, Jay Fulcher: "Data alone does not solve problems--instead, you have to have the tools that help you use data to decipher business needs and requirements. Cassandra offers us a data platform that will allow us to turn data into insights, which will enable our customers to make crucial business decisions."

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