Revision3 Says It Now Supports HTML5 for iPad Playback

Revision3--a company which bills itself as "an actual TV network for the Web," and which produces its own original, broadcast-quality programming--said Monday that it now supports playback of its videos on the Apple iPad, thanks to its decision to embrace the HTML5 spec. "As many of you may be aware, the emergence of the new HTML5 spec allows for much richer video support natively within HTML," the company wrote on its corporate blog. "For the past few weeks we have been investigating and beginning our research and development into how we could utilize HTML5 for use on Revision3. At the same time, this little device that seems to be growing in popularity, the Apple iPad, was released. You may also have heard that the folks at Apple aren't big fans of Flash, and the iPad does not support Flash at all. Which means that our video player, which is developed in Flash, would not work on the iPad--a fact that many of you iPad owners have noticed and e-mailed into to us about...While the iPad doesn't support Flash," Revision3's blog post continued," it DOES support HTML5 within the Safari Web browser on the device. And so we quickly redirected some of our HTML5 efforts towards deploying our experimental code to work on the iPad. So now, if you're browsing on your iPad, you'll be able to watch video straight from the Web site! You can even tap to make the video go full screen!"

Revision3 points out that "if watching video from the Web isn't your thing," iPad users can still subscribe to its shows via iTunes and sync them to their device. However, it concedes that it is currently "working on an issue surrounding our HD versions (which do not sync at this time)"--though it says that its "large quality version" shows have been optimized for iPad use and have no syncing problems. The company says that it plans to make several additional announcements over the coming weeks about how it is embracing HTML5.

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