Transpond Launches TAP TV for Creating and Publishing Apps to Google TV

Transpond (formerly iWidgets), a San Francisco-based company that offers a widget creation platform called the Transpond Apps Platform (TAP), last week announced TAP TV, which, as its name suggests, is a version of its platform that enables the creation of apps for connected TV. The company bills TAP TV as a "software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for media companies, advertisers, marketers, brand managers and publishers looking to build fully branded, fully native engagement apps" for Google's new Android-based TV platform.

According to Transpond, interactive TV apps built with TAP TV utilize the power of its TAP platform, which it describes as "the only app platform that enables the creation, deployment, management and tracking of fully native applications." This, the company says, means that engagement apps and connected TV campaigns built with TAP TV use the full functionality of the target platform, including access to native features. Marketers who have already built an app with Transpond's TAP Social or TAP Mobile platforms can automatically publish their app to Android-based Google TV's, using TAP TV, the company says. "Over the past year, Transpond added complete support for Android as well as launched numerous connected television projects with partners such as CBS, Brightcove, Rovi, and Yahoo," Transpond founder and CEO, Peter Yared, said in a prepared statement. "With TAP TV, Transpond is delivering a new class of compelling, deeply integrated television engagement apps that incorporate the unique form and function of each specific target TV platform. Brand marketers receive the full suite of app delivery technology, similar to what they receive when using TAP Social and TAP Mobile: an easy-to-use builder, one-click deployment and actionable analytics."

Transpond claims that the addition of TAP TV to its existing TAP Social and TAP Mobile platforms means that it is the only company to offer a solution for building apps that reach "all major audience touchpoints: the social Web, Facebook, MySpace, iPhone, Android and Google." Apps enabled by the platform, according to the company, include Quiz, Shout Out, and Face Off, as well as syndication apps for YouTube, Twitter, Brightcove and others. The company says that TAP TV will be available on its Web site in the third quarter.

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