Tvinci Launches "Pay-OTT" Platform, Secures Deployment with UK's Projector

--Platform Designed to Monetize OTT Video through Direct Payments

Tel Aviv-based Tvinci said Monday that it has launched a complete, end-to-end "pay-OTT" video platform. The company says that its MediaHub and MediaStore solutions have been developed to meet the industry need for a new monetization layer to OTT video content through direct payments (including pay-per-view, subscriptions, coupons and other methods). It claims that its platform enables content owners and network operators to offer a consistent content consumption experience across any Internet-enabled device, including PC's and Macs, connected TV sets, set-top boxes, games consoles, smartphones, and the Apple iPad. "We believe that now, as a result of Internet TV's expansion into the living room and onto an increasing number of devices, the time is right for pay-OTT video content," Tvinci's VP of marketing, Yonatan Sela, said in a prepared statement. "Current paid content initiatives are constructive for testing the various business models and the responsiveness of the audience, but they have only provided a preview of the new ways in which people will consume a significant amount of their content. This future for paid content is made possible through the Tvinci platform, and we are currently seeing innovative operators around the world beginning to implement these new services."

According to Tvinci, its new pay-OTT platform is based on its MediaHub (backend) and MediaStore (frontend) systems, which it says are designed to fit any cross-device OTT requirements. The company says that MediaHub is the core of its platform, and is used for the management of video content, business rules and users on any Internet device. It is billed as a "one-stop shop" for controlling the entire lifecycle of a digital asset--from ingest through management and business rules setting, pricing and billing, to analysis of consumption and the viewing experience of the end-user. MediaStore, meanwhile, serves as the consumer interface for Tvinci's pay-OTT platform. According to the company, it is designed to offer each user the videos that he or she is most likely to purchase. By utilizing up-to-date intelligence on each user's favorite content, viewing habits and payment preferences, Tvinci says, MediaStore transforms viewers into active subscribers and buyers. "The Tvinci platform is a very powerful end-to-end solution for clients wanting to lead their local premium content market, starting with the device most suitable to gain this dominance and branching out to additional devices," Tvinci co-founder, Ido Wiesenberg, said in a prepared statement. "We are the first technology provider that enables pay-TV operators to utilize 'TV Everywhere' for up-selling content to individuals within the household. For example, pay-TV operators can offer specific subscribers to have content available on their connected TV or iPhone for additional dollars. Our platform's unique flexibility enables operators to increase ARPU by offering the most relevant content to each individual user, per device, per territory, per the user's online social environment."

Tvinci says that it has already secured the first customer for its new pay-OTT platform: Projector, a UK-based alternative brand specializing in independent films, world cinema and international documentaries and television programming. Projector is using the platform to power an online video portal, called, that is currently in beta mode and that is set to launch publicly next month. It will initially be available on the PC, Tvinci says, and subsequently also on connected TV's, set-top boxes and the iPad. "We're delighted to have launched our online platform that provides viewers with a wide range of over 2,500 cultural titles that they can select to watch in high quality and at any time that is convenient to them," Projector's commercial director, Alistair Kent, said in a prepared statement. "Selecting the Tvinci online video platform was made an easy choice when it became clear that this is the only platform in the marketplace that could both deliver the core out-of-the-box functionalities that we needed, and the ability to monetize our offering. The solution enables us to provide viewers with a range of easy payment systems including SMS, PayPal and major credit cards. The platform has allowed us to open up a whole range of hard-to-find, alternative content to UK audiences."