Softel Deploys Automated Subtitling and Teletext Solution for Hungarian Broadcaster, Origo TV

Softel, a UK-based company that claims to have over 25 years of experience in providing ancillary data solutions--including solutions for interactive TV, opt cuing/ad insertion, subtitling and captioning--to leading broadcasters and service providers across the world (note: the company recently revealed that it is powering Showtime Networks' new HD EBIF application--see the article published on, March 24th), said Tuesday that Hungarian broadcaster, Origo TV, has installed an automated subtitling and Teletext solution, based on Softel's Swift and Cyclone technologies, at its headquarters in Budapest. According to the company, the installation allows Origo to meet requirements for subtitling and Teletext across its four channels, with the capability for live subtitling on each channel.

Softel's solution for Origo includes Swift Create subtitle preparation and repurposing workstations; Swift TX subtitle management and playout with live input, together with an interface to Origo's newsroom system; and the Cyclone Teletext management and transmission platform with Flair Teletext editors. "This is a completely new installation for Origo TV, and it allows us to enhance our offering significantly to
viewers across all our channels," Origo TV director, Peter Koltai, said in a prepared statement. "The flexible Softel Swift subtitling solution provides us with a streamlined workflow, tight integration between our newsroom and automation systems and easy-to-use live subtitling capability. Cyclone enables us to offer a rich, dynamic Teletext service, with a high degree of automated page updating through integration of external data sources."

Softel's solution for Origo TV, which was installed via Softel's Hungarian system integration partner, Studiotech Hungary, also utilizes the company's vFlex SD and HD SDI ancillary data inserter to insert the Teletext signal into the broadcast SDI video. Softel Swift Create is used to prepare subtitle files for playout by Swift TX, as well as live input for subtitling of live events, while Swift TX is integrated with the Pebble Beach automation system to control playout of subtitle files or switching of control for live subtitling, the company says. Origo's Teletext workflow, meanwhile, integrates the Softel Cyclone Teletext content management and transmission system with Flair Teletext editors, using customized Batch TCL scripting to import external data into the Teletext system using "drop-box" functionality. This solution, Softel says, allows automatic page updates, along with remote Web access for Teletext production staff.

Softel bills its Swift family of subtitling products as providing an integrated, end-to-end subtitling/captioning solution, from workflow management and subtitle preparation through to time-of-air delivery management and monitoring. According to the company, Swift TX enables multichannel subtitle transmission in either a single- or multi-box configuration, and multi-format subtitle transmission with transcoding in real time, along with retiming for turnaround services. The company claims that Swift TX is SD- and HD-compatible, is tightly integrated into a broad range of automation and workflow systems, and delivers high reliability with master/standby and N+1 configurations.