Games-on-Demand Company, Playcast, Signs MOU with Portuguese Pay-TV Operator

Playcast Media, a start-up with offices in Israel and London that was founded by two Harmonic veterans--Guy De Beer, who previously managed that company's VOD product lines, and Natan Peterfreund, who was previously its principal scientist and who is one of the originators of the H.264 compression standard--has signed an MOU with a large Portuguese pay-TV operator whose identity the company has not disclosed, the Israeli business news service, Globes, reported late Wednesday.

The company--which offers a games-on-demand system that it says allows consumers to play modern, high-end video games on their existing cable or IPTV set-top box, using a game pad or controller, without lags or latency, and which recently launched an HD version of the system (see the article published on, May 16th)--also claims to be engaged in negotiations to deploy the system with a number of other European pay-TV operators, Globes reported, as well as with operators in the US, the Asia Pacific region and Israel. According to Globes, the MOU foresees a revenue-sharing relationship between Playcast and the unnamed operator and specifies a timetable for deployment of Playcast's system. It also calls for the operator to provide Playcast with "a few hundred thousand euro" to finance the deployment of Playcast's technology on its servers, Globes said.