Report: Apple Developing $99 Apple TV Based on iPhone 4 Architecture and OS

--Hulu Blocks New Version of Hillcrest Labs' Kylo TV Web Browser
--Boxee Seeking to Attract BBC iPlayer, Other UK Content Providers, to its Platform
--Wolfgang's Vault App Launches on Boxee

The blog Engadget reported last week that it had received a tip--which it said had been confirmed by "a source very close to Apple"--about the next generation of Apple TV, a platform whose current incarnation has been famously described by CEO Steve Jobs as a "hobby." According to the blog, the new version of Apple TV has been in development for some time now (i.e. before Google announced its new Android-based Google TV platform) and will:

  • be based on the forthcoming iPhone 4 and its A4 CPU (note: it was described by one of Engadget's sources as "an iPhone without a screen").
  • use the iPhone OS.
  • incorporate 16GB of local flash storage, but will primarily rely on cloud-based storage.
  • support 1080p HDTV.
  • incorporate just two ports: a power socket and video out.
  • be priced at $99.

In other OTT news:

  • Network-backed broadband video service, Hulu, has blocked the latest version of Hillcrest Labs' Web browser for the TV, Kylo. Hulu--which has also blocked Boxee's OTT platform (note: the company is believed to be concerned that services that enable its offerings to be viewed on a TV set--i.e. in "10 foot" or "leanback" mode--will cannibalize the audiences of its parent companies)--had blocked the original version of the Kylo browser immediately after its launch in March. Hillcrest had touted the new version as allowing advanced users to configure it in order to access Hulu.
  • In a posting on Boxee's corporate blog last week, its VP of marketing, Andrew Kippen, revealed that the company is making a push to gather more UK content for its platform, and is apparently being assisted by Brightcove: "With the help of our friends at Brightcove, we have gathered some of the premiere content owners in the UK," Kippen wrote. "Idan Cohen, co-founder and Boxee's head of packing his bags as we speak to travel to London in the hopes of adding as many of them as we can to Boxee. In the next 6 months we hope to see more great UK applications like the BBC iPlayer running on Boxee. Wanna meet Idan? He'll be speaking at the London Brightcove developer group meeting."
  • In a separate blog posting, Kippen also announced the availability of a free app that brings the online music service, Wolfgang's Vault, to Boxee's platform. "Wolfgang's Vault on Boxee propels you into a world of 60's psychedelic rock, amazing vintage jazz, 'tear the roof off this mother' funk, current Indie rock idols, and amazing concerts from the 80's," Kippen wrote. "Wolfgang has generously picked out some of his favorites in the featured section. Wolfgang's Vault aficionados can search for their favorite concerts or play directly from their personal playlists on the site. For those who hate making choices, you can just turn on Wolfgang's Vault radio and let the music wash over you."


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