Mediacom Deploys Clearleap's Web-Based TV Technology Platform

--Will Use Technology for Advertising Insertion and for Programming Linear and VOD Channels

Clearleap, a company that offers a technology platform for bringing Internet-sourced video content to television sets, said last week that it has deployed its Web-based content and advertising management technologies with Mediacom Communications, the seventh-largest cable operator in the US. According to the company, the deployment--which is its largest to date (note: the company has previously announced deals with Atlantic Broadband, Bresnan, and Comcast--see the articles published on June 30th, September 13th and November 17th)--will enable Mediacom to better manage and deploy advertising assets in VOD and linear channels (note: Clearleap claims that its technology enables "near real-time" insertion of advertising), thereby providing its local advertisers with greater reach and precision, and faster time-to-market, while allowing it to maximize revenues generated from VOD.

In addition, Clearleap says, the integration of its Web-based technologies by Mediacom will allow the operator to manage and program content for VOD and linear channels, increasing its ability to quickly deliver more local and special-interest programming to subscribers across the 1,400-plus communities in its network. According to the company, Mediacom will also now be able to integrate program offerings from Clearleap's Content Marketplace, a platform of "vetted, licensed content" that includes national programming, "best-of-Web" video, and special-interest content in pre-selected, self-populating channels (note: Clearleap's online video content partners include, For Your Imagination, Next New Networks and Revision3, among others). "Mediacom is a great case study on how fast and efficiently a cable operator can integrate Web technologies to cater to the interests of subscribers and local advertisers in both linear and VOD environments," Clearleap CEO, Braxton Jarratt, said in a prepared statement.

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