CBS Sports Taps NBA Star, Steve Nash, to File World Cup Web Video Reports, Interact with Viewers

--ESPN, Rogers Unveil Plans for Multiplatform World Cup Coverage

CBS Sports contacted [itvt] Wednesday to let us know that it has tapped South African-born two-time NBA MVP, Steve Nash, for a project that will see him traveling to South Africa and filing a series of video segments and reports on the 2010 World Cup, as well as interacting with viewers through social media. The reports will be produced in partnership with Nash's production company, Meathawk.

According to CBS Sports, Nash will post a series of eight reports on and on the page on YouTube. In addition, the broadcaster says, he will upload daily photos, "iPhone vignettes" and status updates on's social media platforms, while interacting with fans about his travels and his World Cup experiences. His videos, photos and commentary will also be distributed through CBS Sports' official Facebook ( and Twitter ( presences.

CBS Sports says that it is also launching new World Cup-themed fantasy games. These include "The 2010 World Soccer Challenge" on, a game that divides all the teams into eight tiers based on their world ranking and prior international play. Players then choose one team from each of the eight tiers that they believe will accumulate the most points throughout the tournament, the broadcaster says, and can also create private and public buddy groups and invite friends to compete. In addition, CBS Sports says it has partnered with Fantasy Moguls on a new social fantasy game on Facebook, called "Galacticos South Africa," that allows players to build their own team to contend for the world title. "Game players start with a team of low-ranked players, then play simulated matches against other users to earn reputation points and in-game currency," the broadcaster explains in its press materials. "As players 'level up,' higher-ranked players can be unlocked and added to their teams. To move up faster, players may buy virtual goods to accelerate advantages in the game."

In addition, CBS Sports says, and CBS Sports Mobile will provide extensive World Cup coverage that will be available via and via a free iPhone/iPod touch app. According to the broadcaster, this online and mobile coverage will include team profiles and updates, regularly updated news, team and tournament videos, schedules and standings, and live tracking of games.

In other World Cup news: ESPN and Rogers Communications have unveiled their plans for multiplatform coverage of the event.