News Round-Up (VII): Total Immersion, TVLinks, Univision

--Total Immersion-Powered Augmented Reality Promotion Invites Consumers to "Iron Man Yourself"
--TVLinks Launches Service that Integrates Web TV Guide with Video Search Engine
--Univision Releases Stats for its Online and Mobile World Cup Coverage

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been on the road the past few weeks, we are covering recent news stories in summary/round-up form. We apologize for any inconvenience to our readers. We will resume our regular format and publishing schedule tomorrow (Tuesday).

  • Augmented reality specialist, Total Immersion, was recently tapped by LG Mobile Phones to create an integrated digital promotion, entitled "Iron Man Yourself," around the movie "Iron Man 2." The project--which features markerless AR tracking that allows the use of natural targets to trigger an AR experience--saw the company working with Alcone Marketing, Marvel Studios and Paramount, in addition to LG. "The 'Iron Man Yourself' promotion includes a limited edition 'Iron Man 2' comic book available with the purchase of every LG Ally handset, LG's first Android mobile phone in the US," Total Immersion explains in its press materials. "Featuring Total Immersion's D'Fusion @home and D'Fusion Mobile software, LG Ally allows consumers to experience an Augmented Reality application via the handset. Bringing the film to life, the 'Iron Man 2' comic book enables readers to experience the world through Tony Stark's eyes via two unique AR scenarios. In the first, readers can hold the comic book's front cover up to a webcam and watch as AR tracking creates an Iron Man helmet directly over his or her head. Once the helmet is in place, Iron Man's armor begins to form over the reader's chest and the transformation is complete. Consumers can also get a feel for the infamous heads-up display from within the Iron Man helmet, and the AR experience can be recorded and shared. In a second scenario, the comic book's back cover kicks off a fast and furious timed challenge called 'Sky Thruster Game' in which players, through movement detection, control a flying figure of Iron Man across desert and urban landscapes. Using the comic book as a joystick, players must dodge city buildings and close encounters with LG icons as they race to the finish and move on to higher levels." A demo video of "Iron Man Yourself" is embedded above.
  • TVLinks has announced the official launch of its flagship Web TV guide and video search engine, which the company claims has a database of around 30,000 movies, 2,000 TV shows, and 80,000 episodes, and indexes around 2,000 content provider Web sites. The company, which claims to already be profitable and to have signed several distribution and ad sales contracts, says that its flagship Web site has a monthly audience of over 4 million visits and 20 million page views. "We're offering the full Amazon VOD directory and have signed partners such as Netflix, Google, Technorati," TVLinks co-founder, Adrian Constantin, said in a prepared statement. "We're currently discussing with other partners and also working with many individual video Web sites...We offer the first integrated service with a very comprehensive TV show guide and a video search engine that details movie information. Our competitors either offer only a TV show guide or a video search engine that lacks the detailed episode structure necessary for TV shows."
  • Univision Interactive Media, the new media arm of the Spanish-language programming giant, has announced that its World Cup coverage has delivered its "highest traffic levels ever across online and mobile," including almost 19 million page views and 2.6 million visits on day 12 of the tournament alone. According to the broadcaster, as of June 23rd, its online and mobile coverage of the tournament had generated over 180 million page views and 23.3 million visits.


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