AMC Pitching Advertisers on Canoe- and Cablevision-Powered RFI Interactive TV Ads

--Wrigley Using Canoe-Powered ITV Ads to Offer Free Samples of Orbit Gum

MediaPost's David Goetzl and Joe Mandese have obtained a document from cable channel, AMC, that casts some light on how the channel is marketing to advertisers the RFI (request-for-information) interactive TV advertising capabilities that Canoe Ventures, the company tasked with implementing the US cable industry's plans for interactive and addressable advertising, recently began rolling out in EBIF-enabled Comcast and Time Warner Cable systems (see the article published on, June 28th).

According to Goetzl and Mandese (whose write-up--well worth reading in its entirety--is available here), the document reveals that:

  • AMC is telling potential advertisers that Canoe's national RFI interactive TV advertising platform is expected to reach approximately 7 million households by the fourth quarter. It estimates that it could reach over 17 million households next year.
  • The channel is also offering advertisers an interactive TV advertising package that includes the ability to reach an additional 3 million ITV-enabled households served by its parent company, Cablevision (note: for more on Cablevision's ITV advertising offering, dubbed "Optimum Select," see the articles published on, September 16th, October 21st and December 15th).
  • The channel is seeking to charge advertisers that purchase its upfront inventory a flat fee of $100,000 a month for ad campaigns that reach 10 million ITV-enabled households, rather than pursuing a cost-per-click or cost-per-lead model.
  • AMC's Canoe-Cablevision package would see advertisers running both national and local (Cablevision) spots: "The national ads would be on AMC coast-to-coast," Goetzl and Mandese explain. "Then, there would be a separate run of ads reaching some 3 million homes served by Cablevision in just the New York area. The Cablevision ads would run during local breaks on multiple networks."
  • The package would enable an advertiser to place 60 national RFI interactive TV ads per month on AMC itself, and 352 per month in Cablevision's footprint.
  • AMC estimates that the Canoe-Cablevision package will generate 3.97 million impressions per month, and provides various scenarios, including 1) use of the interactive spots to offer viewers a brochure--in which case it estimates there will be 20,000 interactions and 8,000 leads; and 2) use of the spots to offer a free sample--in which case it estimates there will be 99,000 interactions and 40,000 leads.
  • The channel is requiring that advertisers use a Canoe-certified fulfillment house to distribute brochures and free samples requested by viewers who interact with the spots.

In related news: Wrigley is using Canoe Ventures' RFI Interactive TV advertising platform for a promotion on Comcast's Style network that invites viewers to click to receive a free sample of Orbit gum, according to an article by Multichannel News's Todd Spangler. The interactive spots have been running since June 20th.

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