Ocean Blue Releases Triton MHEG-5 and CI+ Authoring Tool as Open Source and Royalty-Free Product

Bristol, UK-based digital TV software provider, Ocean Blue Software, said Wednesday that it has released its Triton MHEG-5 and CI+ authoring tool as an open source and royalty-free product for application authors and developers. According to the company, the tool contains many of the features commonly found in professional integrated development environments (IDE), and allows developers to create dynamic and visually impressive GUI applications for digital TV platforms. In a prepared statement, Ocean Blue CEO, Ken Helps, explained why the company has decided to release all the source code for the tool to the open source community free of charge: "As a player in the digital TV industry we feel it is our responsibility to contribute towards the progression of both the MHEG and CI+ markets," the statement read. "With the release of Triton to the open source community, we hope to encourage developers to get creative and develop innovative TV applications which will in turn benefit end-users and broadcasters." Benefits of the Triton authoring tool, according to Ocean Blue, include: rapid prototyping of MHEG and CI+ applications; construction of professional GUI applications; speed of UI application design; reduced total cost of ownership for UI applications; simplified UI application development oriented around tools designers are familiar with; an in-built code editor; and generation of MHEG-5 and CI+ application code at the click of a button. Ocean Blue has also developed a PC simulator tool which is designed to enable developers to test and debut their applications on their computer, and which is available for purchase. More information on the Triton product suite is available here.