NDS's XTV DVR Technology Powers Bookable Promos Service for Sky New Zealand

Interactive TV and conditional access technology provider, NDS, said Wednesday that it has leveraged its XTV DVR technology to develop a bookable promos service for New Zealand pay-TV provider, Sky Television.

Dubbed "Record Me," the new service, which is scheduled to launch July 6th, is billed by NDS as enabling viewers to book-to-record movies, individual programs or an entire series direct to their DVR with the push of a button (the green button), while watching a trailer for a movie or show--whether immediately or weeks in advance (note: viewers are alerted to the availability of the feature via an on-screen prompt). According to the company, the service can also be used during an ad break to enable viewers to receive more details about a specific ad by pressing the same button. "The launch of Record Me has been made possible thanks to NDS's experience in advanced DVR solutions combined with its systems integration expertise," Sky Television's director of technology, Charles Ingley, said in a prepared statement. "Sky Television continually invests and innovates for the benefit of our subscribers, enhancing their TV viewing experience." Added Peter Iles, general manager of NDS Australia and New Zealand: "Since the launch of Sky Television's first DVR in 2005, we have continuously worked with Sky to enhance the DVR functionality. This latest collaboration, which provides cutting-edge services, reaffirms Sky's position as an innovator in the provision of advanced digital TV services in the country."

According to NDS, it has deployed 28 million units of its XTV technology worldwide.