Comcast Launches Multiroom DVR Service, "AnyRoom DVR"

Comcast announced last week that it has launched a multiroom DVR service--branded as AnyRoom DVR--in Oregon and southwest Washington. It subsequently came to light that the MSO has also launched the service, which is powered by technologies from Entropic and Broadcom, in around 20 or so of its other Motorola markets, including Chattanooga and Knoxville, TN; Augusta, GA; Little Rock, AR; Mobile, AL; western Massachusetts; southern Florida; and the San Francisco Bay Area.

According to Comcast, AnyRoom DVR allows customers to view DVR recordings on any networked set-top box in the home, and to start watching a recording in one room and finish watching it in another. The service employs a 250GB or 500GB HD DVR as the primary outlet and up to three additional HD set-tops that can play back content recorded on the HD DVR. All DVR recording functions--scheduling, deleting, recording settings, etc.--are controlled via the primary box; while the networked set-tops can be used to view, sort, play, fast-forward, rewind, pause, skip ahead and skip back.

Comcast also announced last week the launch of the A28 i-Guide--an EPG that was developed by GuideWorks, which was originally a joint venture with Rovi (formerly Macrovision)--in Oregon and southwest Washington (note: the guide is designed for Motorola systems; Comcast recently announced plans to roll out the Cisco/Scientific-Atlanta version of the i-Guide, designated as "S25"--see the article published on, May 19th). New features offered by the A28 i-Guide include myDVR Manager, which allows users to remotely schedule recordings on one or more DVR's from the Web via a dedicated Web page,; the ability to fast-forward recordings in five-minute increments by using the "page up" and "page down" buttons on the remote; a prompt that lets viewers switch to an HD version (if available) of the SD channel they are currently watching; an on-screen keyboard; DVR folders that automatically group shows together; the ability to delete groups of recordings; and the ability to search for and schedule recordings by actor, director, title or keyword.

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