Verizon FiOS TV Launches Interactive TV Customer Support Application, "My Account"

--Verizon Teams with House Party to Recruit FiOS TV Subs to Host World Cup Viewing Parties

Verizon FiOS TV has launched an interactive TV customer support application, called My Account, that provides customers with a breakdown of their monthly bills, expiration dates for current promotions, and information on its rewards program for customers who refer family and friends to its service. "My Account is an another innovative tool that offers customers direct access to information they otherwise would have to obtain online or by calling Verizon directly," Shawn Strickland, Verizon's VP of consumer strategy, said in a prepared statement. "Subscribers have been able to interact with us through the Web and mobile devices. Now, through My Account, they can do so via their TV screens, making it easy and convenient to do business with us from the comfort of their home, any time of day." 

According to Verizon, My Account presents customers with the following options:

  • View My Bill, which provides access to the first bill estimate for new customers, and to a summary of the last billing statement for existing customers. Information available through this option, according to the company, includes total amount due, last payment received, balance going forward, total new charges and adjustments and credits.
  • Expiring Promotions, which notifies new subscribers about promotions that are due to expire.
  • Share the Network, which provides information about the eponymous referral program.

My Account is accessed via the main menu of the FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide under a new Customer Support tab.

In other Verizon FiOS TV news: Verizon recently teamed with experiential marketing company, House Party, to recruit 1,000 FiOS TV subscribers to hold TV viewing parties for Sunday's soccer World Cup final (note: Verizon teamed with House Party on a similar social viewing promotion around the Super Bowl--see the article published on, March 22nd). Subscribers who hosted the so-called "Ultimate Battle Game Day" parties were provided with "party packs" that included a Flip Ultra Camcorder that they were encouraged to use during their party to "capture the excitement of the event": a Web page ( has been set up where the hosts can upload the video they shot. They were also encouraged to demonstrate FiOS TV's various interactive TV widgets to their guests, and to enroll in Verizon's Share the Network referral program (note: hosts will receive a $100 bounty--double the usual reward--for each successful referral through July 15th, and each referral will also give them an entry to a $5,000 sweepstakes). "My friends and I love sports and we always get together to watch the big games," Christina Fenn, a FiOS TV customer from Staten Island who held a viewing party, said in a prepared statement. "This party will allow me to show off my favorite FiOS TV widgets. And with all the goodies from Verizon's party box, I can run fun contests to give some of them away to my friends."

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