Insight Launches "QuickView" Interactive TV Multiscreen Apps, Primetime VOD Service

Insight Communications, a cable operator that serves markets in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio (note: it has approximately 750,000 customers and is the ninth-largest cable operator in the US), last week announced the launch of new "QuickView" multiscreen mosaic channels that are available at no extra charge to customers equipped with HD DVR's. The mosaic channels each present viewers with miniscreens of a set of channels in a specific genre: channel 100 showcases basic entertainment channels, channel 300 children's channels, channel 400 news channels, channel 500 sports channels, and channel 800 music channels. Viewers can use their remote to highlight a miniscreen in order to hear audio from the channel it represents, and can press the OK/Select button to go directly to the channel itself. Each QuickView mosaic has a set of links on the left that allow navigation to the other QuickView mosaics, and also provides a link to VOD content in the same genre as its channels. The QuickView mosaics additionally feature a scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen that Insight can use for promoting programming and products.

Insight also announced last week 1) the launch of eight HD channels (Spike, Comedy Central, Hallmark, MSNBC, Cartoon Network, Golf, Fox Sports Ohio and HD Pay-Per-View); and 2) the launch of a new VOD offering called Primetime OnDemand, which it says provides viewers with over 100 hours of primetime programming, available the day after broadcast. The service, which is offered at no extra charge, features content from ABC/Disney, NBC, TBS, TNT, USA, Cartoon Network, HGTV, Food Network, AMC, WE, Animal Planet, Planet Green, Travel Channel, FX, National Geographic, Speed Channel, Big Ten Network, Syfy, Bravo and Oxygen.

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