New Edition of "Jet Set" Features Dale Herigstad on TV Design

--"Jet Set" Is Authored by Brian David Johnson, Consumer Experience Architect at Intel

[itvt] has just published the latest edition of our new regular column, "Jet Set," which is authored by Brian David Johnson, consumer experience architect at Intel Corp. "Jet Set" (the first two editions of which can be seen here and here) explores the future of TV through the prism of the places, people and conversations that Johnson experiences as he goes on a global tour for his new book, Screen Future.

This edition of "Jet Set," entitled "MY DINNER WITH DALE," sees Johnson discussing the future of TV design with one of the leading figures in that space, Dale Herigstad, chief creative officer of Schematic, who expounds on what he calls "The tyranny of Tiresias," and laments the fact that set-top boxes and TV's are still unable to support vector graphics.