News Round-Up (IV): Cadreon, Visible World, Clearleap, Verizon FiOS TV, Clicker

--Cadreon, Visible World Partner on Targeted Advertising Initiative
--Clearleap's Cloud-Based Platform Deployed by Verizon FiOS TV
--Clicker Launches Clicker Social and Clicker Mobile

The [itvt] editorial team is currently on the road, so we are covering most stories in round-up/summary form, and we anticipate that there will be some additional interruptions of our regular news publishing schedule beyond that. It will likely take a short while for us to catch up with all the recent news: so if your company has sent us a press release or briefed us on an announcement, and you don't yet see your news covered in this issue, please bear with us. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience to our readers.

  • Cadreon, a division of Interpublic Group's Mediabrands, has announced a partnership with addressable advertising specialist, Visible World, to launch a large-scale targeted advertising initiative called Cadreon TV. According to the companies, Cadreon TV is "the first holding company example of a solution that brings together agencies' expertise in Web-based analytics with partner agencies' strategic insights into media, a delivery network, and set of sophisticated campaign management system. Already embraced in the marketplace," the companies' press materials continue, "Cadreon TV has been rolled out in phases across clients, beginning with the automated production, targeting and optimization of tier two television ads for a major automotive client. This initiative marks the first time that Cadreon's vast online experience in driving campaign effectiveness, through data, targeting, customization and measurement, will be brought to television advertising. UM has assumed additional creative production responsibilities for the automotive client to take full advantage of Cadreon TV to increase strategic influence on the media planning process with the goal of increasing dealer traffic and driving sales. This integrated approach represents a major shift in the holding company's strategy to bring these advanced solutions to market for clients which will dramatically impact market adoption."
  • Clearleap, a company that offers a cloud-based content management, delivery and advertising platform for bringing Internet-sourced video content to television sets, has announced that it has integrated that platform with Verizon's FiOS TV infrastructure. "Verizon's initial deployment of Clearleap is being used to streamline production for FiOS 1, which offers local subscribers hyper-local content including news, sports, traffic and weather," Clearleap states in its press materials. "In addition, Clearleap will help bolster FiOS1 on VOD across all FiOS TV markets. For example, Verizon is using Clearleap to offer professional sports teams a seamless means for delivering VOD content directly to FiOS TV subscribers. Several teams are already using the Clearleap technology for producing, uploading and delivering content directly to their respective FiOS VOD channels. In Long Island, NY and Washington, DC, FiOS is using Clearleap's cloud-based processing and Web-based management portal to help FiOS1 producers upload content from anywhere, process it centrally and redistribute it back to targeted local markets within minutes." According to Clearleap CEO, Braxton Jarratt, the company's platform also "gives FiOS the potential to bring more interactivity into the living room at a time when demand for TV apps is starting to flourish."
  • Online video content discovery specialist, Clicker Media, has announced the launch of 1) Clicker Social, which it says "allows people to discover, share, rate, discuss, and check-in to shows on Clicker and third-party partner sites"; and 2) Clicker Mobile, which it says "makes the complete Clicker service accessible remotely and identifies videos that are playable on the iPhone and Android devices. Clicker Social gives users the ability to join forces to discover what's worth watching, from sharing playlists, to recommending and discussing shows, to telling their social circle what they're watching right now," the company states in its press materials. "People can follow their friends' activities on Clicker, or follow users they don't know, but who share their tastes in television and movies. All Clicker users can now curate their own Profile page to highlight their playlists, friends, recommendations, interests and recent activities on Clicker. With Clicker's new mobile apps," the company's press materials continue, "users can now access the complete Clicker service through their iPhone or Android devices. Mobile users can search for programs to watch on their device, add shows to their playlist, manage their profile, check out their activity feed to see what friends are watching, check-in to shows and earn awards for things they're watching offline, discuss shows with other Clicker users, and much more." According to Clicker, online video platform providers, Brightcove, Ooyala and thePlatform, are integrating a new Clicker Check-in button into their video players. In addition, the company says, "a number of leading video destinations and popular Web series are adding customizable Clicker Check-in buttons to their own services, allowing their users to immediately broadcast their viewing activity to their social circles on Clicker, Facebook and Twitter"; and "leading content creators have also partnered with Clicker to create unique awards their fans can earn by interacting with or sharing their viewing activity via Clicker Social."


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