Report: New Apple TV to Be Branded as "iTV," Will Offer Apps, Will Only Support 720p

Earlier this year (see the article published on, May 31st), the blog Engadget--citing "a source very close to Apple"--reported that Apple has been developing a new version of its Apple TV platform (the current incarnation of the latter having been famously described by Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, as a "hobby") that will be based on the iPhone 4 and its A4 CPU (note: it was described by one of Engadget's sources as "an iPhone without a screen"); use the iPhone OS; incorporate 16GB of local flash storage, but rely primarily on cloud-based storage; support 1080p HDTV; incorporate just two ports: a power socket and video out; and be priced at $99.

Engadget reported Wednesday that it has gotten some more information on the project. It now says that the device will only support 720p HDTV. "The word--and cause for much internal debate, we're told--is that this has something to do with the A4's inability to crank on higher resolution content, but we don't see how that's possible considering the iPhone 3GS could play back full HD video," Engadget's Joshua Topolsky wrote, adding that the device "will be getting apps and presumably an App Store entry." However, Topolsky wrote, it remains unclear whether there will be "cross-pollination" between apps for the new device and apps for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Engadget also reported that its sources told it that the device will be branded as the Apple iTV--i.e. consistently with Apple's other handheld devices (note: the first-generation Apple TV device was originally branded as the iTV).

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